-Draco's Spot-
More philosophy! Hurrah!!! I'll be starting another mini-storyline soon, and this time it's actually planned out, so it won't be broken up. Woot!
So even though the moon is starting to wane, it seems particularly big tonight. It's beautiful, but it still make me feel icky and make my personality go funny. I'm odd normally, but during the full moon I get hyper and tired at the same time...
The links are still broken. Sorry. Anyone wanting to help me with writing these pages is free to contact me.

-Osiris's Spot-
On that note, I want you all to prove to me that you are not figments of my imagination.

Can't do it can you?

So finally got my poster Draco designed for me printed today. It looks amazing. You should check it out on DA. Oh, and happy September 28th everyone!