-Draco's Spot-
OMG! An october plotline involving zombies?!? Who'd have come up with that?!? Well...Megatokyo, but there have been zombies in the current plotline for quite a while. Anyway, though I've only got a few made for this plot currently, I'm sure it'll resurface later. Hope you enjoy!
My stuff won't update on DA for a few days because I'll be out of town, but I should be back by late Sunday. It'll still update here though, so worry not!
The 'Gallery' link works now? FTW?!? 'Archive' is still broken, but that's because I have yet to write that page completely. Anyone wanting to help me with writing these pages is free to contact me.

-Osiris's Spot-
Omg, why is it so hot? It's fucking October! It's not supposed to be hot!!! I almost lost consciousness walking back from Acting yesterday (I overheat very easily) and my skin is about to fall off!

On a lighter note, I just got a whole bunch of B-sides and demos and stuff of System of a Down. I like knowing people. XD