-Draco's Spot-
So when I set out to do this I asked myself "How do I make Brina, or for that matter anyone in my comic, look angry?" I mean, nobody in this comic has eyebrows except Osiris, so how do I show expression. I've figured out a few ways to get around this. In this case I inverted her colours because...well I don't know why. But it worked, yeah? I think it did. XP
Blarg, I hate the full moon. It's beautiful, but I always get emo and feel drained when it's out. At least it isn't the sun. Stupid bright hurty ball of fire. I'd be fine if you just provided warmth, and fire's cool too, but why the brightness?
The links are still broken. Sorry. Anyone wanting to help me with writing these pages is free to contact me.

-Osiris's Spot-
I'm so happy about my Byte!!! XD *pet pet pet* SQUUUEEE!!!