-Draco's Spot-
Holy mackerel, it's actually a comic! It's three months and five days to the day since I posted a comic, but it has been a super busy time for me and my crew. TEST Productions, my theatre production company, had its first live performance. We've been doing short films before (posted on our website), but Jacon: Turnabout Convention was our first live performance (also posted on the website). I'm proud to say that I produced, wrote, directed, costumed, and played the part of Phoenix Wright in the production. FYI, that project was what took up my whole life for the past year and was the biggest drain on my creativity. In the future, I hope to not only start posting comics more regularly again, but also keep making more interactive experiences for the conventions of Florida. In time, this comic may even be merged with the TEST Productions website as it becomes a larger part of my life. So, check out the works we've posted there, and I hope to see you at one soon!

-Osiris's Spot-
O_O HOLY UNEXPECTED OCCURRENCE BATMAN!! We have a new comic!! I'm both shocked and delighted! (Now let's all hope we[Draco] can keep this up! :D)

That's...actually all I have to say...Draco pretty much covered everything worth noting....man my summer sucks...