-Draco's Spot-
Okay, I try not to be political or talk about anything not to do with the comic here, but this is huge and angers me quite a bit.
This video is one of the biggest examples of bigotry I've seen in a long time, and they've gone to such lengths to make it look sweet and innocent!
To put it plainly, the three "victims" depicted in this video are actually the aggressors in their situations. The doctor refused to treat a homosexual "based on her faith", which cannot legally be done to a muslim, atheist, or anyone of another faith; so why can it be done to a gay person? I refer you to the Hippocratic Oath.
The church group owns a banquet hall that they rent out to individuals and groups, but they refused to rent it out to a gay "civil rights" marriage ceremony. I'll accept this one since rental of a space is a purely business issue while refusing to treat a patient violates the aforementioned Hippocratic Oath which all doctors must take. I still think it's a very archaic stance to take in this day and age, but it's their building and it's their right to rent to who they wish.
The complaining Massachusetts couple is trying to form the beliefs taught in the public school system to be purely Christian beliefs. Now, I understand that a majority of the people in this country are of a Christian persuasion of some sort or another, but our country was founded on the concept of religious freedom. Thus, our public school systems should teach only provable fact. This is the reason that "intelligent design" was struck down. Anyone can teach their kids what they want at home, but we're expected to learn on an even and unbiased level in school. I had to deal with FCAT, these weak Christians can deal with having to parrot our heathen beliefs for long enough to pass a test.
Then again, thats what this all leads back to: weak faith. If anyone who gets up in a fuss about us teaching something that goes against their religion was really as faithful as they say they are, they wouldn't care that we were teaching something different. They'd just write us off as heathens who're going to whatever version(s) of hell they believe in. However, they're afraid that our arguments might ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE and PROVE THEM WRONG! [LE GASP!!!]
For those of you who don't know, I am a strong believer in science. I have certain spiritual and superstitious beliefs that I won't go over here since it would only serve to encourage or insult those of you out there, and I have no interest in changing anybody's religious views. However, when presented with hard science and fact, I know that my views need to be reviewed and changed so that they actually make sense. I also know that this blog will mean almost nothing since it's in such a low-traffic place, but if even one person reads this and is positively influenced to never let their opinion blind them to reality and to bring harm to someone else, then I'll be happy.
This has been Draco, hoping for a truly equal future.

-Osiris's Spot-
Hey, new comic. It's not on Monday, but Finals and JACON are soon. I think it's a miracle there's one up for this week at all. ^_^; Anyway, I haven't done a large group in a long time, so I hope the comic doesn't look crowded or crammed. I spent a lot of time making small adjustments, so I really hope they worked. If not, expect a fix in a few days, and I'll probably get a slap on the wrist or something...I don't know.